10 Celebrities We’d Like To Send To “Prehab”

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Why should celebrities wait until they hit rock bottom when they can preemptively treat an addiction? Forward-thinking addicts Brooke Mueller and Charlie Sheen are leading the way with a new trend people are calling “prehab.” According to both of their publicists, neither of them is actually struggling with any chemical dependency issues—they both just decided to go to rehab as a preventative measure. Sure! I mean, why not spend 30 to 90 days away from loved ones in an intensive detox and therapeutic program, just for s**ts and giggles? Have Brooke and Charlie ever heard of a vacation? Gawker speculates why “prehab” may be the new hot thing for celebs: They get a career boost without actually being an addict; they can begin treatment while still in denial; it’s kind of like a private island getaway; and they can receive treatment for mental illness without all the stigma. Either that or they are raging crackheads and they think we’ll believe their BS. [Gawker] After the jump, 10 celebrities that we’d like to send to “prehab.” You know, just to be safe.
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