Uber-Easy Flower Arranging From Erin Fetherston

Serious spring fever hitting lately. I can’t wait to wear filmy, silky dresses and striped flat espadrilles, braid my won’t-grow-fast-enough hair to the side, and fill my teeny apt with loads of bright and cheery flowers. I’ve got most of my spring prep done (got these striped espadrilles the other day), and I plan on stealing this flower “tub” arrangement idea from designer Erin Fetherston’s Paris apartment. It should be relatively easy to do. Get a giant, round and squat vase. Look for flowers that aren’t too pricey with big blossoms (I love peonies from my corner deli). Cut the stems so the blossoms ever so slightly peek above the rim of the vase. Stand flowers up in the water-filled vase, the more the better, and keep it natural by avoiding over-pruning. The best part about this look? The arrangement gets better as the flowers open up. Look at Erin’s almost-past-their-prime stems. [This Is Glamorous]