Today’s Lady News: Cuba Wants Ladies To Start Smoking Cigars

  • In response to cigar sales lagging, Cuba is trying to interest women smokers in “the Julieta,” a milder version of its “Romeo y Julieta” cigar. The marketing director for Habaneros, the worldwide distributor of Cuban cigars, said they hope “the Julieta” dispels the myth that cigars contain “only strong tobacco for men.” [Reuters]
  • Taking a cue from France, which has voiced concerns about how Photoshopped ads affect self-image, the U.K.’s Royal College of Psychiatrists has called for airbrushed photos of celebs and models to come with warning labels. [Daily Mail UK]
  • South Dakota’s House of Representatives killed a bill that would have required health insurance companies to cover birth control prescriptions. [AP]
  • South Carolina State Representative Rex Rice (R) has proposed a ban on state funding of abortions. Presently, the state already bans the funding of all abortions except for in the case of rape or incest. However, Rice has said, “The state of South Carolina should not intervene on God’s missions and our state funds should not cover abortions of any kind.” [WACH]
  • Women-owned businesses will create a majority of new jobs over the next nine years, predicts a survey by Guardian Life Small Business Research Institute. [WKYC]
  • Police in Indiana say suspect Tony Perkins may have slept with up to 100 women without warning them he is HIV-positive. Indiana state law says that people with HIV must disclose their status to their sex partners. Condoms, people! [WLKY]


  • All schools in the U.K., including faith-based ones, will be required to teach kids about birth control, abortion and homosexuality in secondary school under a government-wide sex ed plan, according to Schools Secretary Ed Balls. [Telegraph UK]
  • Catholic bishops in the Philippines have called for the health minister to be fired for leading a campaign to hand out free condoms on Valentine’s Day. [AFP]
  • A study by the beverage company Cafedirect found that women in British offices prepare tea for tea time three times more often than the men. [Daily Mail]
  • The Japanese airline ANA will designate one bathroom as “women-only” for international flights. [USA Today]