If You Want A Promotion, Work Like Anna Wintour

We’ve learned a few things from watching Anna Wintour on TV specials and in “The September Issue.” So it’s not at all surprising that filmmaker R.J. Cutler, the man behind the documentary, picked up a few pointers from the Vogue editor-in-chief during the eight months he filmed her at work. Keep reading to find out four of Anna’s professional philosophies. Since they helped Anna become the powerful woman she is today, we’re sure that applying them to your 9-to-5 will get you promoted. Keep Meetings Short

“In Anna’s world, meetings often start a few minutes before they’re scheduled. If you arrive five minutes late, chances are you’ll have missed it entirely. Imagine the hours of time that are saved every day by not wasting so much of it in meetings.”

Trust Your Instincts

“I once asked her about her creative process and she answered with some frustration. ‘I can’t explain it,’ she said, ‘I just do it.'”

Surround Yourself With Great Talent

“Anna Wintour knows that you’re only as good as the people who work for you, that bad leaders are threatened by strong team members, and that success comes from surrounding yourself with the most talented people you can find.”

Don’t Look Back

“If I had to choose a statement that summarizes Anna’s management style, it might come from her own comment at the end of ‘The September Issue,’ when she says, ‘Fashion’s not about looking back. It’s always about looking forward.’ … Don’t dwell on the past. Life is short and there’s lots to get done.”