Google Is All For Freedom Of Expression, Unless You’re Talking About CEO Eric Schmidt

Google CEO Eric Schmidt is all for the free sharing of information on the interwebs … unless it’s about his love life. When his former mistress Kate Bohner (a former CNBC correspondent and journalist) started a Blogspot diary and book project entitled “Recovery Girl 007,” Schmidt made it disappear from Google by threatening Bohner with legal action. Abuse of power? I think so. Like any other recovering addict/mistress, Bohner should have the right to blog about her life and Schmidt (code name “Dr. Strangelove”) as long as she doesn’t use his real name. The blog is no longer accessible, but reports claim that it was primarily focused on her recovery and not her affair with Schmidt. Why didn’t he just ask her to stop writing about him? Did he have to pull the entire blog? This seems like a violation of rights to me. If Bohner does decide to fight back against the Google empire, I think she may have a case. What do you think? [Newser, Gawker]