What Your Favorite Ice Dancing Team Says About You

Tonight brings the conclusion of my favorite sport in the Winter Olympics, ice dancing. I love everything about ice dancing—the flashy costumes, the cheesy music, the ballroom dance moves done on skates, the faux emotion. So are you rooting for Belbin and Augusto? Domnina and Shabalin? Davis and White? I’ve come up with this theory that your fave team says a lot about your personality. Oksana Domnina/Maxim Shabalin: This Russian pair rocked an Aboriginal routine, complete with digerdoos and tribal body paint, for the compulsory dance. Even though the routine was controversial for being culturally insensitive, it didn’t stop them from taking first place. If you’re cheering for these two, you like to stir up controversy and you are not afraid to go against the crowd. You’re a true (ab)original. [Sign On San Diego]

Alexandra Zaretsky/Roman Zaretsky: If you’re all about this Israeli brother-and-sister duo, who dance more like horny newlyweds, then you might have an unnaturally close relationship to your opposite-sex sibling. You probably also didn’t understand why people thought it was weird when Angelina Jolie kissed her brother on the lips. [Wall Street Journal]

Tanith Belbin/Agosto Benjamin: Even though this American pair has two silver and two bronze medals under their belts, they’ve never gotten the gold. After Agosto’s back injury and Belbin’s bad tooth, they are trying once again. If you’re routing for their win, then you probably always support the underdog. You definitely voted for Obama and you watch “Extreme Home Makeover” on ABC religiously. [USA Today]

Tessa Virtue/ Scott Moir: This young Canadian pair has some undeniable chemistry on the ice. Even though they claim to be just friends, it’s interesting that they used to date a long time ago. If you want these two to win, you are a hopeless romantic who believes in the power of love. Your favorite movies: romantic comedies. [CTV]

Meryl Davis/Charlie White: If you’re oohing and ahhing over this young American pair’s Bollywood routine, then you’re undeniably a hip trendsetter. You either attended or wish you attended New York Fashion Week and your favorite show is “Project Runway.” [Michigan Daily]

Isabelle Delobel/ Olivier Schoenfelder: If you’re rooting for this French pair, then you don’t really care that they came in sixth after being ranked number one in the world. Why? Because Isabelle just got married in June and had a baby boy in October. If they’re your fave, you value family above all else. You don’t care about winning as long as the people you love are by your side. [Delobel-Schoenfelder]