Was Gia A Wes In Disguise?

Gia certainly seemed sad when she was sent home from “The Bachelor” last week, Jake-less. But could some of her hesitancy to open up to him have been because … she has a boyfriend? A Long Island restaurant owner named Domenick Pierno is claiming that he was dating Gia the entire time she was on the show. “We had been dating four or five years off and on — but mostly on — when she decided to go on the show. She had done some modeling here and there, and from there she was hoping other things could come about,” he told the New York Post. “I didn’t see her during filming, but as soon as she got back, we were together. We still see each other. We’re still dating … I saw her a couple of days ago. I went to her apartment in Manhattan.”

Gia claims this dude is totally tripping. “We have not been an item for three years,” she said. “Since then, we have been acquaintances.”

Who knows whom to believe? But I do like that Gia uses the term “an item.” Someone has been studying their gossip column lingo! [NY Post]