Let’s Hope “The Song I Wish Taylor Swift Would Write” Is The Last Of The Backlash

Taylor Swift backlash: it was inevitable. We here at The Frisky are firmly in the for-cripes-sakes-they’re-just-love-songs-chill-out-everybody camp and we always will be. But as we’ve already seen, more than a few bloggers are angrily typing away, cataloging how Taylor Swift is (and I quote) “a feminist’s worst nightmare.” I’m sorry, but do you people remember Britney Spears? Mostly we just want those peeps to go take their pop culture sterilization spray and shove it. But we can still have a sense of humor about Tay-Tay, see? Watch this YouTube video by user madinthemoon, who spoofs the song “Fifteen” with lyrics like:

“A few of my songs preach girl power and self-respect but most of them just whine about guys/Really, most of those idiots who screw you over will end up serving curly fries”

It’s pretty awesome … but sorry, we’re still not deleting Taylor’s songs from our hard drives. [YouTube]