The Natural Spray Tan — It Exists!

The newest, latest, and greatest in spray tans is the “weekend away” tan. In a move away from the L.A. Oompa-Loompas and perma-pumpkin folk, the “weekend away” tan is just a tiny bit of color. Subtle. Spotted all over the actresses at the BAFTAs (Kate Winslet, Audrey Tautou, Claire Danes, and Carey Mulligan), the low-key look was a bit of bronze on only those body parts that are directly and naturally hit by the sun. It wasn’t intense color, either, but the amount you would get from a weekend trip. No weirdly bronzed armpits, no “Jersey Shore” all over day-glo, and none of the orange-brown residue left between your fingers. To get this look, it’s all about going for the least deep spray color available and getting a real-live person to spray you (the booths will give you a solid, all-over tan). Ask to be sprayed only where the sun would naturally hit: upper arms, across the nose and cheeks, shoulders, etc. Perfect for spring, no?

Tags: beauty, spray tan