Scotty Lago, Sexting Olympian-Style

Perhaps Olympic snowboarder Scotty Lago should have paid more attention to the media frenzy that occurred after Michael Phelps was photographed smoking pot at a party last year? On Thursday, the adorable Scotty won the bronze medal in the men’s halfpipe. After standing on the podium and hearing the national anthem, he went out to party with some of his fellow teammates at a Vancouver nightclub. At some point during the night, Scotty encountered a young, Asian woman—who we can only assume was pretty blitzed—and a friend snapped a few photos of her smooching Scotty on the cheek, and draping herself over teammate Louie Vito. Next, Scotty draped his bronze medal around his waist, so it hung over his crotch, and the girl kissed it.

It didn’t take long for the photos to appear on TMZ. Check them out here. And it’s turned into the first Olympic sexting scandal.Since the photos made their way on to the interwebs, Lago has decided to leave Vancouver and the Games, since he has no more events to compete in. “Scotty Lago is a great athlete, but with that comes a responsibility of proper conduct, and his involvement in this situation is not acceptable,” said a rep for the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association. “Scotty realizes his conduct was inappropriate. He has formally apologized and also made a decision to leave Vancouver today.” [People]

OK, yes, taking these photos was stupid. But should Scotty really have had to leave the Games before the closing ceremony? Overall, the photos are pretty tame as these things go. And my feeling is, once the medal’s yours, do whatever you want with it. Heck, if he decided to walk around naked wearing nothing but the bronze medal to cover his crotch, that’d be fine with me. Though, he might get kind of chilly trying to snowboard that way.