Pole Dancing And Other Sports That Lobbied To Be Part Of The 2012 Olympics

If you have been scratching your head trying to figure out the finer points of curling, perhaps you’d be more interested in watching Olympic pole dancers compete for the gold? This is not a joke … competitive pole dancers are lobbying for a spot in the 2012 Olympics. Due to rapid national and international growth, these moves once relegated to seedy strip joints are now being recognized as an up-and-coming athletic event. Shut up! I wonder what the costumes would look like? No doubt they would take their cues from the figure skaters. I’m not so certain that the International Olympic Committee (IOC) is quite ready to say yes to lucite platform shoes and tassels quite yet, but hey, if they did, it would certainly be interesting. After the jump, some more sports that think they deserve a spot in the Olympics.

  • Cheerleading: There was nothing for competitive cheerleaders to rah rah about when their IOC application, to be considered for the 2012 Olympics, was denied. But these cheerleaders won’t let their perky smiles fade … maybe 2016 will be their year to do back flips? [Wiki Answers]
  • Golf: It’s bad news for the sport of golf in 2012. The IOC decided that there will be no holes-in-one at the 2012 Olympics, but they are planning on letting athletes tee up in 2016. Tiger Woods should be out of sex rehab by then. [World Golf]
  • Karate: Even though karate was one of the final two nominees by the IOC, the martial art failed to chop through with two-thirds of the vote. Because those who practice karate are non-violent, no one at the IOC will be harmed. [Associated Content]
  • Women’s Boxing: It’s a TKO for the fiercest of the fierce female boxers. After many rounds of petitions, they will be competing in five weight categories in the 2012 Olympics. Awesome! [Guardian]
  • Squash: Professional squash players’ dreams were squashed after their campaign to be an Olympic sport was denied by the IOC. [BBC]

What new sport would you most like to see in the Olympics?