Pakistan Unveils First Government-OK’d Fashion Week

While celebs were drinking champagne at the tents and showing up pants-less to the shows during New York Fashion Week, something more political (but no less glam) was going on in Pakistan.

Just wrapping up its first government-approved Fashion Week, the event aimed to give the country a new image. This is a significant step towards adopting more liberal attitudes towards fashion, a word that one journalist says wasn’t even allowed in the Pakistani vocabulary. “Ten years ago we weren’t allowed to say the word ‘fashion,'” she explains. “We had to go for a ‘cultural event’ with clothes.” Even though 80 percent of Pakistani women wear a veil, the event is forging change by presenting women with options.The very feminine and Eastern-inspired styles that came down the runway, however, did incite fear in Fashion Week participants and the country’s Islamic conservatives. One model reported that “half an hour before the show [they] were getting death threats and phone calls and all kind of blackmail.”

One thing Pakistan Fashion Week shared with New York Fashion Week? Mourning the late designer Alexander McQueen. Some attendees wore shirts that read: “Long Live McQueen.” [Times Online]