Hipster Puppies Are, Like, Much Cooler Than You

From squeezing into jeans skinnier than any person should ever wear to looking like you totally don’t give a crap about anything and constantly searching out appropriately ironic accessories, being a hipster takes effort. Now imagine doing all of the above without opposable thumbs or the ability to sigh in mock, all-encompassing boredom. Challenging? Hell yeah, it is. Yet the dogs on Hipster Puppies manage it on the daily. There’s Chuleta (seen here) jealously guarding her turntable on the lighter side of things (as in maybe she just moved to Williamsburg but doesn’t yet own more than two pairs of functionless eyeglasses). Then there’s a more hardcore hipster puppy, like Alcor, who “begrudgingly explained to his mom that wearing girl’s jeans doesn’t make him gay.” Check out a group of dogs that definitely know they’re cooler than you but don’t need to say it ’cause, like, it’s so obvious. Or whatever. [Hipster Puppies]