Does This Mean We’ll See Heidi Montag At Couture Shows?

Fashion gods, help us. Heidi Montag has decided to share her plans for a fashion line with the world, and it’s a bit worse than expected. Not only does the reality star want to “design” a low-end line, but she’s intending to join the couture world as well. Do we even want to guess if she knows what couture means? “This is just the beginning,” Montag promises. “I’d really love to eventually wear mostly my own designs. And I would really love to do a low end line [for my] fans, and it can be really accessible and then a one of kind couture line to really showcase my creativity.” Her creativity was on display at the Valentine’s Day party she hosted, showing off her décolletage in a low-cut red dress of her own creation. Heidi counts Chanel and Dolce & Gabbana as her design inspirations. We sense Coco is cringing in her grave at the mere mention. [Stylelist]