20 Celebs Who Are Awesome In Person

Last week, we blew the whistle on 14 celebrities that we’d come into contact with who were total jerks in person. So this week, we thought we’d be nice, and share 20 who we were pleasantly surprised to find were lovely in person. After the jump, find out who knocked our socks off…

“I met Jason Segel at a friend’s New Year’s Eve party. He was so sweet and he was kind of hitting on me. But then I got chocolate-covered marshmallow all over my face and he bailed. Sigh.”

“I met Anne Hathaway at an after-party for ‘Becoming Jane.’ She was personally saying hello to each guest at the party and walked right up to me and said, ‘Hi, I’m Annie!’ It turns out that she and the friend I came to the party with knew each other from way back, so they chatted for a bit. She seemed genuinely sweet and normal.”

“Hands down, the most wonderful celebrity I’ve interviewed was Robert Smith of the Cure. I’ve idolized him since I was, oh, 12—so I was literally shaking when I walked into the room. He made me a lovely gin and tonic to calm my nerves. After our 10-minute interview turned into an hour, he said it was one of the most fun ones he’d done in years. Swoon.”

“I met Joseph Gordon Levitt when he was doing an art show with my friend in Brooklyn. He introduced himself as “Jo” as he shook another friend’s hand. She said under her breath “…seph Gordon Levitt.” Very sweet and cordial guy. And obviously, beautiful and talented as well.”

Janice Dickinson is a riot. She was out-of-control crazy, but kept her cool after her two large dogs escaped from the photo shoot we were at. We had to scour the neighborhood (in heels) and these two young boys had ‘found’ the dogs and were walking them on makeshift rope leashes. Instead of freaking out, Janice gave them $20 each and invited them to come back to the shoot to chow down on the catering table, which they did. When we wrapped, she asked me to come out for drinks with her. But I couldn’t, with her crazy high energy level she had wiped me out.”

“Shocker, but I’ve always been impressed by Paris Hilton. I used to run into her a lot, and she is always drunk or stoned but really friendly. She’s a popular party girl because she’s easy to get along with.”

Blake Sennett of Rilo Kiley (and when he was younger, “Boy Meets World”) gave me the hat off his head after I complimented it while interviewing him.” [Editor’s note: I second Blake. Apparently, he likes to give gifts? He gave me a bottle of wine when I met him.]

“One of my friends has known Kelly Osbourne since childhood. I went to a show with them one night, and she was totally fantastic. She wore an intense corset thing and asked me to watch her Murikami Louis Vuitton while she got drinks. I wouldn’t want to be on her bad side, though, because she was s**t-talking everyone, hilarious as it was. Randomly, Morrisey was sitting behind us and I totally touched his collar.”

“My dad is besties with Gene Hackman who is a totally awesome guy with tons of amazing stories. Strangely enough, he is also an incredibly talented painter and has gifted my parents’ restaurant a lot of artwork. He even put up with me bringing over my fanboy friends to meet him.”

Betsey Johnson was the nicest person I’ve ever interviewed. Upon meeting me, she immediately hugged me. Then she sat with me for over an hour while her studio buzzed around us. After the interview ran in the magazine, she gave me a signed picture of her that said, ‘Thanks! It was so nice reading about me! xoxo, Betsey,’ which I totally didn’t have framed. She also sent a chocolate Dios de las Muertes skull and a $300 gift certificate!”

“I’ve never actually met someone so beautiful that they stopped me in my tracks. Then about five years ago, I was at a Christmas party and Daryl Hannah walked up and joined the group of people I was talking to. She is absolutely stunning. And also so cool. We had the best conversation over chocolate chip cookies, in which she tried to convince me to get an electric car.”

“The nicest celebrity I’ve ever met was Judy Blume. We met at some hoity-toity event for writers—I was the date of a writer I was seeing at the time. When I acted like a total fan-girl upon meeting her, Judy could not have been a sweeter, nicer person. My date ended up dumping me after the party, which broke my heart. But randomly, that following weekend I headed to a family friend’s wedding in Rhode Island. I was killing time at the hotel and I noticed out front that a driver next to a car was holding a sign that said “BLUME.” I asked the driver if his passenger was going to be Judy Blume. He said he was not allowed to reveal that information. But I put my detective hat on and assumed she must be in the hotel somewhere. So I headed to the hotel bar and sure enough, there was Judy Blume sitting at a bar stool. I walked up to her and she immediately recognized me as ‘so-and-so’s friend from the other night!’ I told her yes and that he had dumped me after that party. Judy got so concerned and totally comforted me. She also told me that it took her three marriages to find the perfect guy!”

Hunter S. Thompson was super cordial, funny and welcoming. A different boyfriend interviewed him for a magazine and Hunter wanted [illegal substance redacted], which I procured for him, so the boyfriend was allowed to drag me along. We enjoyed [illegal substance redacted] together and I was so enamored by him that I let him keep my [object used to enjoy an illegal substance] forever. Now I totally wish I had it so I could brag to people.”

“When I interviewed Diablo Cody, she was super-nice, polite and down to earth. No airs about her at all. She even told me she looked at The Frisky and liked it! That compliment made my week.”

“Hands down, my favorite interview was with Joe Strummer. The Clash was my favorite band and he was my hero. So when I met him, I went into massive fangirl mode. I had about 10 hours worth of questions that I’d been storing up since I was 16 years old. He hugged me, was so incredibly kind—I only wish I’d gotten a photo with him. His publicist wanted me to go because he knew it was only going to be a short piece, but he shushed him and let me keep going. I broke down crying so hard the day he died.”

“The coolest/most real star was Patricia Arquette. She sat down and smoked cigarettes with me and we got so chatty that for a minute I forgot it was an interview. She was just very warm and sweet and cool.”

Drew Barrymore is as friendly and sweet as she seems. She’s also just really down to earth. I have no idea how she survived being a child star and so famous all her life and ended up like that.”

Liz Phair and I had a 15-minute phone conversation booked, and she stayed on for an hour and a half and told me we were like ‘sisters.’ (Uh, grain of salt.) She is surprisingly girly—as in, she wants to talk about hair and makeup and clothes. She’s also a total beauty product junkie.”

“Years ago, I asked Blondie to sell Avon products for a story and she was totally into it, even though technically she never sold anything—she just gave all her samples away. When I met her at the shoot, she was really nice and such a pro. She was actually five minutes early and camera-ready. I have NEVER seen a celeb show up on time, let alone early.”

“This weekend, I went to brunch with my family, and we were seated very near Jake Gyllenhaal and two female friends. I couldn’t hear what they were saying, but they were definitely having a good time. I give Jake nice points because the waitress was one of those who feels the need to flirt with and excessively touch every guy at one of her tables. And he didn’t punch her for practically molesting him.”