5 Tips For Spending Quality Time With Your Significant Other

With long work hours and busy social schedules, alone time with a significant other isn’t as easy to come by as most of us would like. But, as the saying goes, quality, not quantity, is what’s important. We asked Frisky readers for their advice on making every second count. Keep reading for five tips for bonding with your boo when the clock’s a-ticking.

We always try to go to bed at the same time. That way we can snuggle for a while before we fall asleep, even if that’s only 10 minutes. To be able to just relax together with no outside factors is liberating, and reminds me every day how lucky I am. No matter what time we go to bed, no matter how busy our day is, it’s something we can work in. Sometimes we listen to records, or an iPod hooked up to the speakers as we fall asleep.
 Usually, if we aren’t extra exhausted, this leads to chatting about our day, working out conflicts in our newly soothed state, and just appreciating each other. It also keeps our sex-life fresh, and helps us connect as if we had just fallen in love. Both of us find that cuddling is a huge stress-reliever and if we keep it on the regular, like we do with sex, our overall relationship is healthier and stress-free. — PinkRanger

My boyfriend and I get quite busy, but we are sure to find time together to spend quality time.
 When we first started hanging out, we would often get a little pack of a California roll from a nearby supermarket, bring it back to my place, and watch our favorite show, “30 Rock.” As time went on, we began scheduling these “30 Rock” and sushi nights. It’s just a fun, relaxing night with sushi (albeit, not the best quality but that’s not the point), laughter, PJs, tickle fights, and kisses. Another thing we would do is make up all sorts of stupid kisses. We included more nationalities like German, Polish, and Italian kisses … there are sloppy kisses, tiny kisses, suction kisses. So, I guess my tip is two-fold. Have a special kind of night with PJs and laughter. Those are the best kind of nights to spend quality time together. After you’re tired from laughing so much, you can fall onto your bed with your special someone and doze off. Also, have a silly game like our kissing one. It’s something you share with only your partner, like a cute secret. I believe being silly and goofy with a BF or GF is one great way of becoming closer to them, opening yourself up, and bonding.oh hey

It may seem odd, but we get a lot of quality time during drives to and from the actual romantic destination where we’re meant to spend quality time. That’s why I have started to prefer driving instead of flying lately. We can chat about silly things like celebrity gossip, but we can also get into some pretty deep conversations. Driving back from a little Valentine’s Day getaway, my husband and I discussed our retirement plans and what we each need to do in our respective careers to get to where we would like to be. This is a conversation that requires a few hours, and long drives are a rare respite from emails and even phones if you’re driving through an area where the reception is bad.og217

Twice a year, we make each other “relationship flashcards.” We each do it separately and then flip through them together, reliving the things we’ve done in the past six months: the good, the bad, the funny, the ugly and the awkward. Inevitably we have different lists, and we relish the fact that one of us remembered something the other one totally forgot about. We get to have each moment together twice (and the not-so-good moments are 10 times better when we can look back and laugh, even at our explosive fights).Margaret Kelly

In the evening, we lay together on the couch and he holds a book or magazine so that we can both read it at the same time. We talk to each other more than if we’re watching TV, and unlike reading while sitting side-by-side, we get to cuddle. Sometimes it’s a short article in a magazine and sometimes it’s a whole chapter of a book, but it’s always a great way to de-stress and relax before bed.becca215