Tiger’s Mistresses: Where Are They Now?

For the first time since Thanksgiving, Tiger Woods stepped out in public and gave what we thought was an apology speech that far out-sincered (it’s a word!) many mea culpas past. But what are the women he’s been publicly linked to up to these days? After the jump, find out which of Tiger’s alleged mistresses are totally embarrassed about having had Tiger’s paws on them, and who is benefiting from being an official scandalista.

  • Rachel Uchitel has perhaps become the most famous of Tiger’s maybe mistresses. Her 35th birthday party made many gossip pages, and she’s landed a gig as a correspondent on “Extra.” Apparently, she interviewed “Bachelor” Jake for her first segment. [Huffington Post]
  • Porn star Joslyn James got oodles of press coverage when she said how hurt she was that her face was on a golf ball. Next, she came forward and said that Tiger got her pregnant twice—once she had a miscarriage and another time an abortion. While Tiger held his press conference today, Joslyn held her own. “I would be open to a telephoned apology from Tiger but I really feel that I deserve to look at him in person, face to face, in the eyes,” she said. [The Superficial]
  • Theresa Rodgers is one of the least-known of Tiger’s alleged conquests. Her deal? She’s a 40-something Floridian who, sources say, taught him everything he knows. In bed. No word on how her life has changed, post scandal. [NY Daily News]
  • Since being linked to Tiger, Loredana Jolie has been shopping around a book proposal, and is allegedly asking $1 million for her tales of Tiger’s gay trysts and insatiable appetite for sex. So far, there’ve been no takers. She’s also come forward to say that she doesn’t think sex rehab will work for The Tige. [Us]
  • Cori Rist went on the “Today Show” in December and tearfully said that she was in love with Tiger. She even went as far as to apologize to Elin Nordegren. In late January, she flew to Italy to do an interview for a show there, via a translator. So presumably, she’s willing to be interviewed by anyone for the right price? [Right Pundits]
  • Ahhh, Jaimee Grubbs. She was the first of Tiger’s alleged mistresses to go to the press—she was supposedly looking for a PR firm as soon as her name was linked to the golf great. Since then, she’s kept up the class—telling an interviewer, “[Native Americans] get their free money, they drink and that’s all that matters” and telling Us Weekly, “[Tiger] looks bigger.” As in his girth. Get your mind out of the gutter. [Radar, Express]
  • Kalika Moquin has not said a word to the press about her involvement with Tiger. As a result, she’s fallen off the scandal radar. We assume she’s still working in Vegas.
  • The Perkins waitress Tiger was sleeping with, Mindy Lawton spoke to the News of the World just after the scandal broke, letting everyone know that Tiger is “very well endowed.” In early February, she headed to court—on trial for causing an accident while driving drunk. Not cool, Mindy. [WESH]
  • Jamie Jungers has also made a semi-career of talking to the press about her dealings with Tiger. She supposedly got a big ole paycheck for hosting a party at Las Vegas’ Pure Nightclub. And today, during Tiger’s press conference, she sat down and watched with E! News. “That apology is crap,” she said. “He’s making a sob story to make people sorry for him.” [Celebrity Gossip, E! Online]
  • Porn star Holly Sampson let the TMI fly, too, saying that the one time she had sex with Tiger, it was amazing. Since then, she’s been wary of talking to the press. [Huffington Post]
  • Julie Postel is another alleged Tiger mistress whose name hasn’t gotten much play because she came up late in the game. Supposedly she was a cocktail waitress in Florida who Tiger was very into her. She’s since moved to Texas and has kept a very low profile. [Search Warp]