This Month In The Lady Mags: March Magazine Madness

Spring is here, according to the March batch of women’s magazines. Only, it’s totally not and, in reality, it’s freezing yet. But, heck, why not indulge in a little lady publication fantasy? That is what they’re there for. After the jump, I’ve read through and picked the highlights, so you know which of next month’s magazines are worth your $3.50 to $3.99.Glamour
This month’s issue of Glamour had some “duh” articles, detailing that eating disorders are bad for your health, that guys don’t like it when women have a one-night stand expecting a relationship, and that, when single, it’s best to be optimistic. But there was a lot of good stuff to balance it out—I’m still impressed that a reader volunteered to literally wear no pants for a day for a Dare. Katie Couric’s interview with Ellen DeGeneres was very sweet, though I don’t get why Ellen is grabbing her ankles in the photo? I also loved the story “50 Rules for Life,” which included some nuggets like “Don’t trust anyone who doesn’t laugh.” But the highlight of the issue for me? A feature on a 37-year-old woman who decided to donate a kidney just because—and started an 11-person kidney chain that saved many lives. Now that’s cool.
Grade: B

Marie Claire
On a plane ride yesterday, the March issue of Marie Claire kept me entertained from take-off to touchdown. Some of the highlights: an interview with Jenny Sanford about deciding to leave her philandering hubby. A Q+A with Lady Gaga where she talks about going to the gyno. (Hermaphrodite, what?) Another article takes you inside the mostly female writers’ room of Chelsea Handler’s show, “Chelsea Lately”—this is my new dream job. A first-person essay by a woman who got her husband a threesome for his 40th birthday. And finally, the cover story with Jessica Biel and Jennifer Garner, who became fast friends on the set of “Valentine’s Day,” was actually kind of cute. My favorite line, on their famous significant others: “From time to time, we talk about swapping,” said Jennifer. Relax, she was kidding.
Grade: A

Ahhh, it’s like Lucky has been reborn. After two unsatisfyingly thin issues, the March edition feels like it has a nice heft to it. Love the “Alice in Wonderland”-inspired pieces on page 91, and the Bond Girl fashion picks that follow. In the mag’s spring accessories report, they predict that we’ll all be loving denim bags and jewelry, lucite pieces, chains instead of studs, and snake-print everything. Other highlights of the issue: their annual shoe guide was shot on real, adorable Lucky readers. Here’s to mags ditching models more often. Also loved their fashion spread on mixing patterns in new, intricate, offbeat ways.
Grade: A-

Hello! First Couple on the cover! I was extremely pleased to see Michelle and Barack on the cover of the March issue of Essence—it’s fitting since this is one of the few women’s mags that dares to venture into political territory. I appreciate that Essence isn’t afraid to get serious, like with the “Money Guide for Single Moms.” Evidently, last month’s cover boy, Reggie Bush, was very controversial since he’s in an interracial relationship. So Jamilah Lamieux wrote a very compelling piece about why it offends her when black men date out of race. Also loved the spread “Black Women of Hollywood,” from Zoe Saldana to Cicely Tyson, and a fashion spread taken at my favorite museum, the Museum of Natural History.
Grade: A

Does Elle read our minds? One of the first stories in the issue shows off spring trends … on the cast of “Glee,” from Rachel and Finn to Mercedes! And yumz to the interviews with Matt Bomer of “White Collar” and Ewan McGregor. I skipped the article “Your Glass or Your Ass: Do Alcohol Calories Count More” because ignorance is bliss, but tuned back in for the story “Group Sex”—an excerpt from a book about five couples in sex therapy. Loved the cover story on Keira Knightley—who’s gone very period piece lately, but still isn’t afraid to talk about her BO. Also, thanks for using Olivia Wilde as a model in a spread, Elle.
Grade: A

Women’s Health
This is my first time picking up an issue of Women’s Health, and I gotta say that I’m pretty into it. I love a magazine that mixes in stories like “3 Steps to Opening Wine Sans Corkscrew” and “Go Wild: Take Lessons From The Ways Birds And Beasts Woo And Please Their Mates” along with pieces about finding functional workout gear. I enjoyed a spread on pulling together total looks from cheapo chain stores (who knew an Express outfit could look so good?) and their special bonus beauty section. But the focus here is definitely healthy eating and exercise—the mag has also inspired me to go take a ballet class, hop on a bike, and break out the ole jump rope.
Grade: B