This Dude Survived 30 Chick Flicks In 30 Days!

Nick Waters may be a superhero, as far as I’m concerned. This brave, 28-year-old Oklahoma boy survived watching 30 chick flicks in 30 days. The idea came to him last year when he and his wife, Nicci (Nick and Nicci … that’s a rom-com waiting to happen), were watching a garden-variety, painful chick flick together. Since he didn’t really get it (we don’t always either, Nick), he thought watching more was a surefire way to understand the opposite sex better. Nick took things a step further and decided to write about his experience on a blog, The rules of his chick flick challenge? Thirty chick flicks viewed in 30 days. The films could be anything he hadn’t seen that had been released since 2007 and he promised to review each film. As far as the selection process goes, he chose five films, let a panel of women choose ten more, and let his readers pick the rest. Some of his flicks included “Leap Year,” “500 Days of Summer,” “Maid of Honor,” “27 Dresses,” and of course “He’s Just Not That Into You.” Not only did Nick come out of this little adventure alive, but he also learned a thing or two. “Love is tender and any real relationship is based on forgiveness, compassion and vulnerability,” concluded Nick. And his wife loved his conclusion so much that she decided to try to understand men better. She is doing her own little challenge—30 action films in 30 days. Awesome. I think we need to try that over here at The Frisky … stay tuned. [Asylum]