Is There Such A Thing As “Dressy Shorts”?

Lauren Conrad showed up to a book signing for her second novel, Sweet Little Lies, wearing a pair of dressy shorts. Lauren’s totally on-trend according to what has been going down the runways of designers like Phillip Lim, and nicer-looking shorts are even in Alexa Chung’s line for Madewell, coming out this fall. But not everyone can agree on whether shorts can be dressed up enough to put them on par with, say, a skirt. Elle creative director Joe Zee told that shorts can be office-appropriate provided they’re not booty-baring “You would never wear a skirt at a dangerously short length, and so you shouldn’t do that with shorts,” he said. Marie Claire fashion director Nina Garcia, on the other hand, doesn’t believe short shorts are ever OK at work, but Bermudas would be alright, in her opinion.

What do you think about shorts? Can they be dressy, or are they only appropriate for wearing to the beach?