In Bed With … James McAvoy

April 21, 1979 in Port Glasgow, Scotland
Sun Sign: Taurus
Ascendant: Unknown
Moon: Aquarius
Mercury: Aries
Venus: Pisces
Mars: Aries

Love Style:

James is a one in a million guy that’s solid through and through and will tend to wear his heart on his sleeve. He’s a man of his word and lives to be close and cuddly with the one he loves. Thriving on commitment, he isn’t out to play games either. He’s into building solid foundations and the quicker he can do that, the better. Plus, he’s a romantic and sappy stuff is what he’s all about. Of course, being this delightful, easy to get along with and sexually dependable, means the downside is that once he settles in he can get a bit complacent. He can also be aloof, with sporadic bouts of selfishness that he doesn’t articulate so well. However, you take the good and the bad, and overall he comes out a winner, as he is the type of guy mothers tell their daughters to find.

Sex Style:

James most likely isn’t all that wacky when it comes to sex with others. He’s sensual, strong and can last for hours. He’s sweet and gentle in how he approaches sex with love involved — he’s a guy who likes to connect with the woman he’s doing. However, once a woman gets to know him, she might find that his sexual proclivities aren’t all as sweet as they seem — he’s prone to having a whole separate sex life that just involves himself. Yes, chances are he’s way more into masturbation than most and he’ll have all sorts of unique ways of getting himself off, as in experimenting with porn and toys. For him, sex has a social way of being and then a solo way, and both are necessary to keep him balanced.

His Type:

James likes sass in his woman and a good challenge. Although, when smitten, he tends to abide by his woman’s rules quite easily, because at the heart of it, he’s a sucker. Yes, he’s got a soft spot for a controlling woman who can make quick decisions and is adventurous — he has it in him too, but it needs to drawn out. Plus, he’s a dreamy creative type who can float along in his own world. So, a woman who is independent and can give him space, but knows just when to tighten the leash is his best match. He’s after a best friend and partner in crime, one who comes across as bolder than him, but is actually just as confident as he is on the inside. Plus, he’s a traditional family man — she’s got to be willing to stick to routines, as he’s not a guy who likes to change once he gets involved. Sure, he’ll mix in new activities and experiment with sex, but in terms of the dynamics, he’s a guy who commits once and once he does it, prides himself on staying the same way.

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