A Bit Of CK1 With Your Morning Commute?

Vending machines are experiencing a retro revival, and recently we’ve seen ones that carry increasingly weird items: electronics, designer clothes, swimwear, gold, china tea cups. The latest experiment in fashionable vending is brought to you by Sephora. The makeup retailer has set up perfume vending machines in several Paris metro stations, stocking them only with mini bottles of CK One. They cost 15 Euros each, which may seem like a high price to spend at a vending machine in the subway, but seems relative next to the city’s book-vending machines which are still around in certain corners.

Cute marketing idea, but we have just one question: CK One? The last time we sniffed that, “Friends” was still on the air, and we all had the Rachel haircut. [Independent.co.uk]