A Non-Lame Dating Site, Plus One That Reveals What Peeps Say Behind Your Back

Are you guys still obsessed with Chat Roulette? Yeah, me too. But now I’ve got two other sites sure to absorb copious amounts of your free time. If you like online dating, but are sick of winks and unbearably lame profiles, check out HowAboutWe.com. It lets you skip the profile thing altogether and get right to the fun—the dates. You sign up and rate a series of date ideas—hot air balloon ride, romantic dinner, gondola, etc. Then you get to list your own ideas for dates. The site sends you people who match your interests. At least if you don’t like them, you’re bound to have a good time doing what you want. I’m also getting into this semi-sadistic new site, Failin.gs. It’s for anyone who’s dying to know what people say when you’re not around.You create a profile and invite people to leave anonymous constructive criticism about your character, so friends can anonymously tell you the things they don’t have the nerve to say to your face. Even more fun—you can tell them how you hate it when they slurp their drink or tell you the same story over and over. I mean, it may be a little bit harsh, but we all want to improve, right?