10 Reasons We Love Evan Lysacek

So if you weren’t able to stay up through the glitter and glamour of the men’s figure skating long program last night, I’ll just tell you that it was pretty durn exciting when American Evan Lysacek skated a nearly flawless program and won gold, defeating Ruskie champion Evgeni Plushenko. (Unfortunately Lysacek’s teammate, the fantastic Johnny Weir, did not have the same success—but we’ve already ranted about that.) We are still sort of in awe of the sheer fantastic-ness that is Evan. Here are 10 reasons he deserves your love and already has ours.

  1. Lysacek broke Russia’s five-year winning streak in men’s figure skating, becoming the first American to capture gold in the event since Brian Boitano in 1988! USA! USA! Woo! [CNN]
  2. Lysacek and America’s Sweetheart skater, Sasha Cohen, are best friends and lived together for almost half a year. Imagine all the silly skate banter and sequin-sewing techniques they must have exchanged. [LA Times]
  3. He prevented the cocky Mr. Mullet, a.k.a Plushenko, from further ego inflation. I admit that Plushenko is amazing, but his bad attitude and off-ice comments don’t show much sportsmanship or class. Hopefully a fair loss will teach him a lesson.
  4. Lysacek is a man of good taste — he has recently worn skating outfits crafted by Vera Wang and Christian Dior.
  5. Lysacek didn’t let himself get bullied into doing a quad. Evan has suffered many injuries and said he didn’t feel comfortable attempting the challenging jump. Meanwhile Plushenko insisted that without the difficult quad, “males just do ice dancing.” Well, then Lysacek must be a darn good ice dancer because, he won the gold delivering eight beautifully landed triples. So there! [Wall Street Journal]
  6. More on the topic of good taste: Lysacek is all about embracing the shoulder pad. With all the tight spandex and flowy fabrics of figure skating outfits, Lysacek isn’t afraid to be the working woman of the rink. Both of his outfits in the Olympics have been topped off with sweet space travel shoulder pads.
  7. Because when Lysacek won, his coach Frank Carroll won as well. Carroll has coached seven world champions and three olympic medalist, but Lysacek was the 71-one-year-old’s first gold medal athlete. And happy old men are really really cute. [ESPN]
  8. We may not to get to love Evan on the ice much longer. Lysacek has indicated this may be his final competition, showing interesting in working at his father’s interior design company. [LA Times]
  9. Evan is also a movie star! Well … sort of. Lysacek was in the 2006 indie film “Skate Great!” He played a former two-time Olympic Champion from Russia who was “every kind of rude.” Sounds like someone we know? Eh? [USA Today]
  10. Lysacek is a beautiful man, and I have my suspicions that he may have his own classier GTL regimen. Have you taken a look at his magnificent golden skin, tight butt, and adorable smile? Have you noticed his doesn’t have a gross, arrogant mullet? OK. I will stop picking on Plushenko now.