10 Famous Mea Culpas From Dudes Who Seriously Messed Up

tiger woods 021910 m jpg
In just an hour, at 11 a.m. (EST), Tiger Woods will be sitting down in front of reporters to apologize for having an affair with … a whole lot of women. So many questions are running through heads. The biggest: will Elin, who reportedly will not be literally standing by her man, let him flounder permanently? And what exactly will Tiger confess to in this highly orchestrated, tightly controlled press conference? Affairs with certain women? With all of them? That he may have engaged in orgies with guys, too? That he got a porn star pregnant?

To give us some clues of what to expect, let’s look back at some other dudes who gave televised mea culpas for their sins—mostly of the lying, cheating variety.

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