Who Needs A Boyfriend When You Can Have An Awesome Best Friend?

Yesterday, I had a major case of the sickies. I was puking continuously and by day’s end, the only thing I could keep down was some chicken broth and ginger ale. When I’m sick like this, I usually get under the covers with a bucket handy and sleep until I feel better. But I didn’t go that route yesterday. Instead, I called for reinforcements. My best friend, who happens to be a guy, only lives a few blocks from me, and he’s the only person in my life who is often willing to drop everything to take care of me. He brought over the ginger ale, kept me company while I worked, and caught my laptop the few times I hurled it at him as I hauled ass to the toilet. My best friend even seasoned my broth when I was too weak to go to the kitchen.

When you’re sick as a child, your parents usually take care of you. And as you get older, a significant other takes over for them, to some extent. But I’m thankful as a single woman to have a friend who has been willing on more than one occasion to nurse me back to health.