Victoria Beckham: “Most [Models] Are Naturally Thin”

Can anyone keep Victoria Beckham’s body image philosophy straight? She seems to constantly flex between opposing contradictions. One second, the media is calling out her anorexic-seeming lifestyle and the next she’s quoted as being pro-curves. To be honest, our opinion of Beckham wavers as well. Sometimes she frightens us with her so-thin physique that’s nearly alien-like, but at the same time, we absolutely respect the woman’s talent and style and agree that her Fashion Week show was a hands-down success. When Posh went on “The View” yesterday to talk about her work and the fashion industry, she seemed very pro-health: “The CFDA have reached out to designers, stylists and casting directors not to work with underage models, girls that are too thin and to be more ethnically aware. And I think designers are listening. I had a casting last week and had some terribly thin girls come in and it wouldn’t have worked.” This would seem to suggest she’s not into the heroin-chic look. And yet Beckham also said, “Most of these girls are naturally thin. And I don’t think we should be discriminating against someone because they are too thin or too curvy or too large or whatever it is.” Most models are naturally thin? We’re not so sure about that.

Whoopi chimed in and commended Beckham for embracing size, referring to how great Jennifer Hudson looked in one of her designs, saying, “You made dresses that look good on women that have breasts and have a little hips,” and Victoria agreed: “You don’t have to be tiny, it’s about getting the proportions right.” So, we might ask, did the models in Beckham’s show look no different than any other runway? Perhaps we’re being a bit too unrealistic. If we were in her position, we’d want to present our collection at its most fashionable face to appeal to the critics and vendors. (Because even we admit that while Victoria’s dresses do seem to look good on many a different shaped girl, they’re clearly made with the vision of someone with an Audrey Hepburn-like physique, and that’s the way they look best.)

And therein lies the eternal dilemma. Watch the full video below, and tell us what you think!