The 11 Best Men’s Figure Skating Outfits Of The Olympics

mens figure skating g1 jpg
Of course we’ve been watching the Vancouver Olympics figure skating competitions for the display of athletic skill and the artistry on the ice. No, scratch that—above all, we’re watching for the outfits. We’re pretty used to the short and sparkly numbers worn by the women, but the costumes the men put on seem so … novel. And this year they’re crazier than ever. You’d think the athletes would know this by now: The number of sequins sewn onto your Lycra unitard does not have an effect on your score. Click through for 11 interesting ensembles from this Olympics.

Above, Johnny Weir (United States) could be called Lady Gaga on ice, because he never fails to bring out the crazy, including this black number with pink trim, ruffles, sequins, and what appears to be pleather.

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