Lindsey Vonn Wins Gold In Downhill Skiing—By 0.56 Of A Second

0.56 of a second is, quite literally, the blink of an eye. But that’s all the time it took Lindsey Vonn to win the Olympic gold medal in yesterday’s women’s downhill skiing competition, beating her rival, fellow American skier Julia Mancuso. What makes Vonn’s win even crazier? The news has been inundated with tongue-wagging about whether Vonn’s bruised right shin would dash her Olympic dreams. But despite her injury — painkillers helped — Vonn raced down the Whistler, British Columbia course in a brisk 1 minute, 44.19 seconds.“It was a fight all the way down but I told myself to keep pushing regardless of the consequences,” Vonn told The New York Times. When she crossed the finish line and saw her name at #1, Vonn fell backwards into the snow, raised her arms in the air and bawled tears of joy. “Seeing my name and the number one next to it was the best feeling I’ve had in my life,” she continued. “I came here to win a gold medal. I stood up to the pressure. I went for it with no fear. I will attack in all the next events; I’ll keep that promise. But I simply can’t feel any happier. And I know I will always have today.” [New York Times]