J-Wear Anti-Smell Underpants Keep You Fresh For Days

What if you could go for days at a time without changing your underwear? This sounds like a guy’s dream, but we’d have to admit it’d tickle us, too. (Seriously, is it just us, or do you go through tons of pairs throughout the week?) Now there’s J-Wear, a very limited-edition underwear collection that came out of space travel research when a Japanese astronaut needed some heavy-duty panties (you can’t really change them up in outer space, apparently). A textile company came up with a powder to work in tandem with the cloth so that it kills bacteria, absorbs water, and dries quickly. The main benefit: they stay odorless for up to three days. How is that even possible?! An equally believable added bonus is that they “have flame-resistant and anti-static properties,” which would appeal to people in dangerous careers like firefighting or race car driving. Or, maybe even you … we don’t know what pyrotechnics go on in your bedroom? [Inventor Spot]