Could Have Been Worse: A Look At The Norwegian Curling Team’s Uniform Supplier

Curling? WTF is that? Did anyone ever care about this Olympic sport before the Norwegian team showed up with these blindingly loud pants? Either these kids got lost in Johnny Weir’s wardrobe on the way to the rink, or they thought they’d stand out with something different and, uh, attention-grabbing. Grab the world’s attention they did, and now everyone’s aching to know more. (Or more like whhyyyyyyyy???)

The team’s slacks apparently came from a retailer of golf pants named Loudmouth (apt name), which specializes in selling extremely colorful fashions. We took a look at Loudmouth’s offerings, and as much as we’d hope our guys never want to borrow clothes from the Norwegians, it wouldn’t be as bad as what the team didn’t pick. [Loudmouth]