Today’s Lady News: New Male Birth Control Stops Men From Producing Semen

  • Will this be Depo Provera for dudes?! Eighty British couples are participating in a two-year-long trial to test a male contraceptive jab which tricks the brain into stopping sperm production. Doctors said the male contraceptive jab has been 99 percent effective so far and sperm counts should return to normal when men go off it. [Daily Mail]
  • For the first time ever, three Muslim women in Malaysia have been caned for adultery. The canings apparently took place at a women’s prison near Kuala Lumpur on Feb. 9. “It is hoped that the issue will not be wrongly interpreted to the extent of tarnishing the sanctity of Islam,” Malaysia’s Home Minister Hishamuddin Hussein was quoted as saying. All three women are serving jail time as well. [CNN]

  • Two recent studies have found that the HPV vaccine Gardasil may be effective in stopping the virus among women ages 24 to 45. Several strains of HPV cause cervical cancer, a top killer for women. [Wall Street Journal]
  • New Hampshire’s House of Representatives rejected a “fetal personhood” bill today that would have allowed prosecutors to charge people who kill a fetus with murder. Generally such bills are considered to be attempts to undermine abortion rights by defining a fetus as independent from a woman’s body. [Boston Herald]
  • Canadian curler Kristie Moore is five months pregnant as she competes in the 2010 Winter Olympics, making Moore only the third athlete is history to compete with a bun in the oven. [BuzzFeed]
  • Woman Up!, a new store in Brooklyn, New York, sells gear for lady construction workers and set builders, including pink hard hats and tool boxes. “Some women love pink and don’t care if they’re on the construction site. They want pink,” said Deidre Douglas, the shop’s owner. [Gothamist]
  • Beer enthusiast Ginger Johnson of Oregon held her first meeting of Women Enjoying Beer, an event to bring beer-loving women together and hopefully encourage them to market to women in ways that don’t involve bikinis or “low carb” drinks. [Houston Chronicle]
  • Kathleen Hanna, formerly of the bands Le Tigre and Bikini Kill, spoke with GRITtv’s Laura Flanders about feminism and rock ‘n’ roll. []


  • A float in Germany’s Karneval (or “Carnival”) parade on Monday included a giant statue of German Chancellor Angela Merkel naked. [The Local DE]
  • Even though Iraq’s Constitution calls for at least 25 percent of its Parliament seats to go to women, experts say the women elected to represent Iraq in 2005 have had little political success. [New York Times]
  • Marie-Géralda Lafleur of Quebec has adopted six children from Haiti, bringing the total number of children she has adopted from the country since 1999 to 14. Lafleuer emigrated from Haiti to Quebec 33 years ago. [Globe & Mail]