The Snuggie Gets A High-Concept Makeover

When I began working from home, I easily fell into the freelancer traps that are at first appealing, then disgusting. See: working in bed, not wearing pants all day, etc. Near a breaking point, I instituted new rules in order to maintain a semi-normal lifestyle. Bra must go on by 10 a.m. You must wear “real” clothes. Of course, I’ve managed to find loopholes in my own rules. No stretchy pants allowed? Voilà the anti-pajama: sequin leggings. Underwear a must? Oh, no, this is one of those can’t-wear-a-bra-with-it tops, I swear. And now I’m secretly gleeful that an Icelandic design company has stepped in and taken the Snuggie high-concept, totally legitimizing my desire to make it my new freelancer’s uniform. Vík Prjónsdóttir (yeah, I have no idea how that’s pronounced) presents glorified blankets inspired by the days of yore and traditional folklore. With arm holes, and even built-in booties and gloves, these cover-ups are meant to be worn. There’s even a double-hooded one meant for sharing. Check out some more pics after the jump! [ via Cool Hunting]

Tags: fashion, snuggie, wtf