Single Ladies, Now You Can Blame It On Your Parents!

Normally, we are encouraged to stop blaming our parents for our problems. But a new study proves that it may be good ole mom and dad’s fault if you’re a single lady with few prospects. Turns out, our ability to attract mates may be linked to our genetic makeup and Australian researchers have located some immune system genes in female DNA that may be responsible for reeling in the dudes. Aha! I knew it wasn’t my fault!After surveying 150 ladies and testing their DNA, researchers discovered that the more varied these immunity genes (MHC genes) are in a woman, the more resistant to disease that woman is and … the more sexual partners she is likely to have. The same was not found to be true for men. Insane! But why? Although they don’t know for sure, they have a theory. Sweat. Related studies have shown that the more different someone’s sweat is to yours, the more attractive they are to you. This is thought to be an evolutionary response that prevents us from accidentally mating with relatives (ewww) and giving our offspring the greatest possible chance of fighting off disease. The take-away here? Start blaming mom and dad more for your inability to get a date and if you do get a date, sniff the dude’s pits to find out if he’s right for you. You gotta love science. [Daily Mail]