Valentine’s Day … Celebrity-Style

On Sunday night, as I sat at a crappy vegetarian restaurant with a bunch of my single girlfriends, I found myself wondering, “What are the rich and famous up to tonight? Could they, too, be having a conversation about how guacamole is the nectar of the gods?” I was betting that celebrity couples were wining and dining it up at the most exclusive spots in the world. But perhaps not. Britney Spears and her agent-boyfriend, Jason Trawick, were spotted having their idea of a romantic meal: McDonald’s drive-thru for French fries. I wonder if they super sized it for the occasion? [People]

OK, I guess my V-Day wasn’t so lame after all. After the jump, what some other celeb couples were doing this February 14th.

  • Jim Carrey says of girlfriend Jenny McCarthy, “Jenny is the first person that I’ve been with where I don’t have a giant question mark over my head. Every day is Valentine’s Day, baby.” But Jenny saw something else over her head when Jim hired a sky writer to fly over their home and write “J heart J.” [Examiner]
  • Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett didn’t let a newborn baby or a Super Bowl loss get in the way of their V-day plans. Grandma came to take care of Hank Jr. and the two ran off to Las Vegas to get lucky. [US Weekly]
  • Angelina Jolie continued to sow the seeds of love with Brad Pitt when she got him a 200-year-old olive tree that cost $18,500 for Valentine’s Day. Wow! That’s one expensive tree! The tree was planted in the gardens of Chateau Miraval, their estate in the south of France. [Huffington Post]
  • For Jessica Alba and Cash Warren, family is everything. The couple spent Valentine’s Day with baby Honor and a feast from California Pita. [FameCrawler]
  • Sarah Silverman and new boyfriend Alec Sulkin spent their first V-Day together (it also happened to be Sulkin’s birthday weekend) watching TV and playing the video game “Modern Warfare.” [MTV]

Kind of nice to hear that there were no rose truck explosions in Hollywood.