In Case You Were Wondering … The Sammi And Ronnie Breakup Was For Real

Sammi and Ronnie were an inspiration for young guido lovers everywhere … until MTV revealed some shady footage of Sammi flirting with The Situation on the “Jersey Shore” reunion show. As we all remembered, it prompted dramatic tears from Sammi (she locked herself in the bathroom) and some dramatic words from Ronnie, “I cut girls quicker than barbers do.” Harsh, dude. Based on their tumultuous history at the Shore house, I was predicting they’d be back together before I could say, “Gym, tan, laundry,” because that’s just how SamRo rolls. But I guess I was wrong. reports that things only got worse after the reunion show shocker. These two former lovebirds are totally dunzo. In fact they hate each other’s guts so much that they can’t stand to be in the same room together. They’ve even canceled appearances together to avoid each other’s company. How quickly young guido love turns to hate. I’m wondering how that’s going to work on season two of “Jersey Shore”? Do I see restraining orders in their future? []