Fake Karl Hates Your iPhone

As the fashion world becomes increasingly tech-happy what with all its live-streaming runway shows and new style apps, Karl Lagerfeld just can’t jump on board. Well, sort of. We’re talking about Fake Karl, who has a hilarious blog post up today sermonizing about the horrors of modern gadgets. Fake Karl talks about the only device he uses, an iPod, which somehow leads to a ramble about gardening:

“The only gadget I use is the iPod. I have hundreds of them- thousands. I’ve actually designed a special ipod wheelbarrow to wheel them around in. I go out into the garden and I wheel them around, pretending I’m doing some sort of garden-type work. Sometimes I even wear a safari hat, which is the most chic sort of gardening hat in the world. Of course, I don’t actually garden.”

Coming to a general conclusion about all technology in the world, Fake Karl says that it’s fine, as long as you don’t treat them like humans: “Anyway, gadgets are fine, if one acknowledges that they are a gadget rather than a person,” and don’t Twitter obnoxious things because, “This is not chic.” So, Fake Karl, what do you have to say to the fact that Real Karl included some iPhone-holding gloves in a collection last year? Is he trying to purposefully make us look un-cool by wearing them? Because, actually, that wouldn’t surprise us. [FakeKarl.com]