A Quarter Of Women Over 35 Never Have Sex?

Oh, snap, you guys. According to a new study, a quarter of women aged 35+ say they never have sex. Perhaps not unrelated, the same study found that 42 percent of those aged 35 to 64 “have sought medical help for depression or are thinking about doing so.” Are the 745 women studied representative of women over 35? What’s going on that so many “mature” women aren’t getting any? And why is everyone so depressed? One couples therapist, Paula Hall, blames celebrities. She said all these “celebrity kiss-and-tell stories fuel the notion that frequent sex is the norm,” which has “led to exaggerated expectations, that everyone else is getting it three or four times a week and your behavior isn’t normal.” Celebrity kiss-and-tell stories? Look, when women are holding up people like John Mayer as an example of “normal” sexual behavior, we all have a problem — not just those of us over 35. But what do you guys think? Do you compare your sex lives to celebrities’? [via Daily Mail]