How Was Your Valentine’s Day?

Yesterday was my first Valentine’s Day as a married woman, but I didn’t spend it with my husband. Drew’s actually been in Vancouver for the last three weeks preparing to cover the Olympics with his job for NBC (I’ll be joining him for the last week of the Games, so don’t feel too bad for me). Anyway, I knew I have a tendency to get a little blue at this point in the winter anyway and I wanted to avoid getting too lonely, so I put the invitation out for any of my long-distance friends to come visit while I’ve got the apartment all to myself. I had one friend in town last weekend and then this weekend, two of my oldest, dearest friends came to town to keep me company. As someone who sees Valentine’s Day more as a reminder to show love to everyone you care about and not just your significant other, it was one of the best V-Days I’ve had in a long time.After a big breakfast that I cooked up, the three of us went for a crisp, 7-mile walk through Central Park, followed by a pitcher (or two) of Sangria at a nearby Latin restaurant where we tried to guess which couples were on awkward first dates, who was going to have great sex later, and who was going to be broken up by the end of the month. Then we grabbed a bottle of bubbly at a liquor store on the way back to my place where we toasted to good friends and to all three of our significant others who couldn’t be with us. Later, my friend Jared, who had gotten very little sleep since driving all the way to NYC from St. Louis in one day, passed out cold on my couch while he waited for his girlfriend — who lives here and waits table down the street from my place — to get off work and come pick him up. While he was passed out, my other friend, Chad, and I painted his face with pretty, pretty makeup, put a wig on him and took lots of photos to blackmail him with later. All in all, it was a great day.

If you didn’t have such a happy Valentine’s Day, you may take comfort in some of these Valentine’s horror stories posted over at Woman’s Day as part of a contest for the most unlucky-in-love. But whatever kind of day you had, we’d love to hear the highlights and lowlights. Did you celebrate with a significant other? Did you get together with other single friends? Did you follow our tips for having the worst Valentine’s Day, or did you play it smart and follow our guide for singles, and take note of eight mistakes to avoid? Tell us all about your Valentine’s Day in the comments!