Google Apologizes For Buzzing You

It’s like Google is right in my head, watching my every move and tracking my every thought. Only days after I deactivated my Twitter and Facebook accounts, Google introduced the world to “Buzz,” an annoying tab on everyone’s Gmail account that links people to their most frequent Gmail contacts and tracks their Twitter and Facebook updates, as well as their Picasa albums and a bunch of other stuff. Or something like that. I’m not even sure, really, what it does except suddenly I know what my college roomie had for breakfast yesterday and where an acquaintance of mine spent every hour of this weekend. Now Google promises a new tab that will turn the whole thing off. Someone, quick, where is that special tab?! All I need my email service to do is send and retrieve email. And maybe pick up my dry cleaning and fetch me some coffee, but that’s what my mom keeps telling me (grand)kids are for. So, will you be keeping Buzz on or turning it off? [via]