Check This Out: “Isms: Understanding Fashion” By Mairi MacKenzie

Isms: Understanding Fashion, a new book by Mairi MacKenzie, is sort of like the textbook to the dream course you always wish you took in college. (But dammit, why did it always have to coincide with your required Soc 202 class?) Like the title suggests, the volume examines fashion through movements, or isms: Dandyism, Empire Revivalism, Space Ageism, etc. But it isn’t all heavy history either. There are some awesome visual graphs, photography, costume illustrations, and even analysis of more modern fashion icons like Jackie O. and Sarah Jessica Parker.

But perhaps the best part about Understanding Fashion is the fact that it’s purse-sized. Unlike that bulky textbook, you can easily take this study material with you. Check out some sample pages after the jump! [ via Fashion Tribes]