7 Celebs Who Hate On Their Own Looks

hathaway 021110 g1 jpg
Personally, I’m a little sick of hearing celebrities complain about their looks. First, it makes me feel awkward when I hear someone divulging their self-esteem issues to the world. Second, how do they think their comments make those of us who don’t have size 0 waists and airbrushed faces feel? You’d think famous people would think a little more before they speak, but alas. Anne Hathaway is the most recent offender. The actress told In Style, “I think I’ve got really weird features. I have very large features on a very small head … It’s my face. I’m not very pretty.” OK, Anne, you and all the others can cry me a freaking river. You’re on the cover of a style magazine, for heaven’s sake!

After the jump, some more celebs who need to stop complaining about their looks.

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