Wacky Toothpaste Flavors That Will Please Your Teeth But Confuse Your Mouth

I guess mint toothpaste is not cool enough anymore. Peeps are getting creative and finding new ways to entice you to brush every morning and night. Hmmm … if my breath could smell like anything in the morning what would I choose? I know! Scotch! For just $1 you can get this Jigger brand, he-man Scotch toothpaste. Aah … the perfect way to kick your day off—reeking of alcohol. [BuzzFeed]

After the jump, some actual wacky toothpastes on the market today. Mouths beware.

  • Love chocolate? Might as well brush with it. Try Close Up Choco Loco. Better than a chocolate bar. [Sisimua, $3.51]
  • Breath Palette is trying to be the Baskin-Robbins of toothpaste. Get a tube in your favorite of 31 flavors . I think I’ll try Monkey Banana, Pumpkin Pudding, Cola or Indian Curry.
    Say what? [Breath Palette, $4.49]
  • Tanner’s Tasty Paste wants your mouth to smell like ice cream. Try Blingsicle flavor and then you can skip that creamsicle for dessert. [Tanner’s Tasty Paste, $6]
  • Marvis Jasmine Mint toothpaste is pricey. But I’ve actually tried it and it’s yummy. Kind of like a cup of tea. [Drugstore.com, $9]
  • Pork-flavored savory toothpaste by Spot Industries is not for vegetarians. Or anyone, for that matter, as far as I’m concerned. [Inventor Spot]
  • If you like black licorice, you’re bound to like Tom’s of Maine toothpaste in fennel flavor. [Tom’s of Maine, $3.99]