Brat Pack Secrets That Will Thoroughly Surprise You

The Brat Pack may have hit the big screen before I hit the world, but they had a big effect on my adolescence, nonetheless. I went through a stage in middle school where I wore my “Breakfast Club” shirt on a weekly basis, fantasized about a young John Cusack, and hoped I would meet my Jake Ryan. Brat Pack films captured the undesirable moments of being teen in a magical way. A lot of you probably agree with me. That’s why author Susannah Gora has written a new book, You Couldn’t Ignore Me If You Tried: The Brat Pack, John Hughes and Their Impact on a Generation, which comes out this week. While Gora postulates about the effect the Brat Pack has had on film and our lives, she has also uncovered some interesting tidbits about the films. After the jump, check out the skeletons that have been unearthed from the closets of Ferris Bueller, Lloyd Dobler and more.

  1. Ferris Bueller Incest Alert! Jennifer Grey and Matthew Broderick may have done a good job hating each other as siblings in “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off,” but in real life they were in love. Aww. To avoid it getting awkward the two keep their relationship a secret. They were especially careful because the actress who plays Bueller’s sexy girlfriend, Sloane, had quite the crush on Broderick. With that leopard sweater vest and great float crashing dance moves, who wouldn’t be smitten?
  2. Is There A Downey In The House? Molly Ringwald was determined to get Robert Downey Jr. the part of Duckie in the film “Pretty in Pink,” but Jon Cryer got the role. Ringwald was worried about their lack of romantic chemistry—and the gods of teen movie magic must have understood. The ending of the film was re-tooled so that Ringwald’s character ends up with Blane instead of Duckie.
  3. The Face That Launched A Film. John Hughes supposedly got his inspiration to start writing the film “Sixteen Candles” while staring at a head shot of Molly Ringwald. Hughes felt that the actress would be perfect and shaped the character of Samantha Baker around her. He gave Ringwald the role without an audition. I won’t go into shades of creepiness that surround staring at a head shot of a stranger for hours—I will just commend Hughes on making a good choice.
  4. Serenaded With Ska. In the original cut of “Say Anything,” John Cusack’s character, Lloyd Dobbler, played a ska song from one of Cusack’s favorite bands in the now famous boom-box scene. Director Cameron Crowe was unhappy with the song and ended up replacing it with Peter Gabriel’s “In Your Eyes” after hearing it on his wedding mix tape. Somehow I agree ska lacks a certain tender finesse when compared with Gabriel’s ballad.

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