A Sensual Valentine’s Day Dinner For Two

Last year, for my first Valentine’s Day with a new boyfriend, I gave him a carefully prepared box with five smaller wrapped presents inside, each labeled with one of the five senses.

For sight, a DVD of a movie we’d spoken about wanting to watch together. For hearing, a mix CD of songs I loved and wanted him to know. For smell, a bottle of the cologne he liked, and on which he was running low. For taste and touch, a jar of chocolate sauce and a paintbrush to apply it. Our relationship was new and exciting, and the presents ranged from the almost thoughtless to plans for naughty fun together. A year into our relationship, we still like naughty fun, and I have to get him another Valentine’s Day present. But how do I top my success from last year?

… I build on it. The five senses again, this time used in a romantic dinner for two. Read more