Dashing Diva Gives Minx Nails A Run For Its Money

Minx Nails pretty much cornered the market on metallic nails the minute it burst onto the scene because no polish could compete with its high-shine foil-like quality. But now Dashing Diva, another nail care company, is trying to get a bigger piece of the metallic nail action. For the Cushnie et Ochs fall 2010 fashion show in New York, lead manicurist Patti Yankee created a nail covering that is very similar to Lee Press-On Nails, but soooo much cooler and current. She wanted the nails to be dirty, raw, and gritty to complement the Cushnie et Ochs designs, so she affixed broken glass and black glitter to the chrome nail coverings. Each applique was a little sculpture rising from the models’ hands. The metallic silver added a bit of glamour to the grimy designs. Although I still love simple metal look of Minx, I’ll definitely be on the lookout for these sculptural chrome nails when Dashing Diva mass produces them for the fall, you know, for those dirty/glam occasions.