Ask The Astrosexologist: How Much Patience Should I Have Waiting For A Scorpio’s Commitment?

I’m a Taurus and have been spending a lot of time with a Scorpio and it’s taking forever to find out if this is going to go past friendship. My sign is notorious for patience, and his is notorious for taking a while to commit, no? We’re not getting younger and while I’m a smitten kitten, I want the lion’s share of the good stuff. How long should I be prepared to wait, or should I move along already? – Fixed

Keep flirting with Scorpio man, but don’t be shy to being open to other men and exploring options. Yes, Scorpios are cautious, but they also rule sex and are horny little bastards. So, if you want to see if this Scorpio really has any game, then there is one way to motivate his butt into gear and that’s stirring up a little jealousy. Scorpios are prone to it and antagonizing them with their competition will bring out their inner green-eyed monster.

Yes, if you wind up showing that your dance card is open to others, Scorpio won’t hesitate to rise to the occasion to claim his territory if he is truly hot for you. However, prepare yourself for what might happen, as there are no guarantees — he might not want more thanfriendship. Whichever the case, remember that you’re are a Taurus, the sign that rules sensuality — you’re someone super tasty to bite into, so if not his teeth, then definitely someone else’s!

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