7 Thrifty Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Recently, the National Retail Federation estimated that Americans will spend an average of $63.34 on each other for Valentine’s Day in 2010. That’s 6 percent less than last year, which is hardly surprising, given the recent economic tumult. It’s hard to justify spending obscene amounts of money on roses and fancy dinners when unemployment rates and house foreclosures remain steadily (and alarmingly) high. Frankly, I’ve always supported low-key Valentine’s Days. When it comes to showing love and affection, it’s the thought and effort, not the price tag, that matter. The best gifts to give on the fourteenth come from the heart, and, luckily for the cash-strapped among us, they won’t drive us into debt come February 15.1. Can’t put your feelings on paper? Put them on a CD or MP3 player.
I believe that mix CDs, done properly, convey more sentiment than a random Hallmark card. Include the songs your partner loves, songs that are significant to your relationship, and songs that remind you of him or her. Write out the playlist and don’t forget to decorate the CD itself for an extra-special touch. Another variation on this idea is to make a personalized Pandora or MP3 player playlist. Your Valentine can enjoy the gift en route to or at work; plus, it’s a daily reminder of your love (or extreme like, depending on your situation). And don’t limit yourself to music; include favorite podcasts in the mix, too, especially if there’s a radio show or comedian you both enjoy. Read more