Trailer Park: “The Wolfman,” “Valentine’s Day,” “Percy Jackson & The Olympians: Lightning Thief”

Chances are you already have plans for Valentine’s Day weekend, but if you don’t, I have an awesome plan for you: Go to the movies and sit between two groups of people so that either side would assume that you’re with the other party. Pretend to offer your popcorn and nod your head as if you’re conversing with said group. Enjoy the film. Upon exiting, close-walk behind a couple until you get to an appropriate parting arena. Wave frantically and say, “Bye guys,” while looking at a spot just beyond them on the horizon. Get into your own car. Go home. Brilliant, huh? This week’s cinema escapes include sexy canines in “The Wolfman,” alternatively whiny and happy attractive people in “Valentine’s Day,” and underage Greek demi-gods in “Percy Jackson & The Olympians: Lightning Thief.”

The Movie: “The Wolfman”
The Trailer: Lawrence Talbot (Benicio Del Toro) is a nobleman who returns to his family’s estate and estranged father (Anthony Hopkins) when his bro’s fiancée (Emily Blunt) tells him that his brother has disappeared. He figures out what’s been killing the villagers and unravels his family’s curse, seeking to destroy the beast within.
The Hitch: I really wanted to write this one off immediately, but I’m really not sure this is going to be bad. Benicio Del Toro is sexy as hell and I like a man with a little hair on his chest/fur pants. Hopkins and Blunt lend some extra class, and I guess we could use a break from zombies and vampires?

The Movie: “Valentine’s Day”
The Trailer: Ten Los Angelinos’ love lives overlap and intertwine on Valentine’s Day
The Hitch: I think I’d rather watch “Love Actually” and pretend it’s Christmas in England, but with so many awesome stars, how can this movie go wrong? But that’s what I said before I saw “Nine” and “He’s Just Not That Into You,” too. I still have hope for this movie, mostly for Shirley MacLaine and Hector Elizondo’s scenes with Emma Roberts, where they try to teach her about love and she’s all, “But how did you communicate without Facebook?” and stuff. Still, the critics are less than impressed.

The Movie: “Percy Jackson & the Olympians: Lightning Thief”
The Trailer: Percy Jackson finds out he is Poseidon’s son and therefore a demi-god when he gets accused of stealing Zeus’ lightning bolt and his mother disappears. In order to find the real lightning burglar and find his mom, Percy and his best friends go on a cross-country adventure.
The Hitch: The trailer makes this movie look absolutely fantastic! I love Greek mythology and I’m pretty excited to see Pierce Brosnan looking haggard, Rosario Dawson as Peresphone, and Uma Thurman as Medusa. But does this mean that Percy’s mom (played by Catherine Keener) slept with Poseidon? If it’s half as good as “Harry Potter,” we might be looking forward to another franchise for Rick Riordan’s books!