“Real Housewife” Lynne Gets Evicted But Keeps Spending Money On Stupid Stuff

I felt pretty bad for Lynne Curtin and her family while watching last night’s episode of “The Real Housewives of Orange County.” When the doorbell rang, daughter Alexa opened the door—and was handed an eviction notice. (Things not to say on TV #436, Raquel: “Is this for real? Or am I dreaming because I’m so f**king hungover?”) When the daughters called Lynne to tell her what was happening, you could tell she was truly shocked and pissed at her husband who’d been taking care of the bills. Apparently, while they were up on their rent, he didn’t have the money to pay the $10K security deposit for the house. When Lynne confronted him, he explained that it wasn’t that he lied to her—he said he was in denial about the situation. Who knows if the two will make up?

But what’s so shocking is just how freely this family has spent money in their two seasons on the show.
Last year, Lynne and her husband bought Raquel a brand-new, fully loaded BMV for her 18th birthday. Earlier this season, Raquel and Lynne got mother/daughter plastic surgery—a face lift for mom, a nose job for daughter—which certainly cost more than $10K. Not to mention the amount of time Lynne spends shopping. Even on last night’s episode, after getting evicted, Lynne went shopping and plunked down more than $1,000 for a leather jacket that looks just like another one she frequently wears. “That’s my sport—I love to shop,” she justified.

I hope this family gets their finances together and realizes that, uh, having a place to live—not to mention having money to send the girls to college—is a whole lot more important than having the nicest car, jacket, or wrinkle-free forehead.